I still remember during the lockdown when I caught the seasonal flu, I used to cough, sneeze or have a sore throat, my Grandma used to say, “Kadha peene se araam milega”, and at that time, making a homemade kadha was time consuming & to make matters worse, it was bitter in taste owing to the pure herbs inside the concoction, although I knew it was good for our immunity. 

As things improved during lockdown, drinking immunity boosters regularly was suggested by health practitioners. Keeping this in mind San-cha tea has innovated and reinvented the humble homemade kadha in its own unique way that tastes great, has many health benefits & easier/quicker to brew. The best part is that it is healthy as it contains all natural herbs & spices, as well as containing no caffeine which make it easy to drink even at bedtime. 

Our Master tea taster, Mr. Sanjay Kapur, has curated different varieties of Kadha which enhance our well being and keep the monsoon flu away.


Some teas to try out from their herbal tea selections are -

🫖 Happy Throat Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

100% Caffeine free, made up of Dried Peppermint Leaves, Crushed Ginger Powder, Amla, Cloves, Dried Eucalyptus Leaves, & Crushed Nutmeg Powder  & aids in Throat pain. 


🫖 Happy Breathing Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

This blend has Anti-inflammatory and sinus relief properties of eucalyptus are strengthened by the bael fruit which eases breathing. 


🫖 Inner Cleanse Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

Holy Basil or Tulsi in Hindu folk-lore is revered and worshipped for its health benefits. Tulsi is traditionally grown in courtyards of every home and used in Ayurvedic home remedies. Tulsi has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is said to boost immunity. It also helps clear congestion and is good for the throat.


🫖 Green Tea Chyawan Prash Saffron Blend

'Immunity Boost & Total Protection Ayurvedic Ojas Elxiir'
Our Master Blender has created the world’s first ‘Chywanprash’ Green Tea drink. This blend brings together time honoured ingredients of Ancient text with green tea. A special varietal of Amla used in this blend is rich in antioxidants, whilst the Ashwagandha build strength. The spice ‘Pippali’ strengthens the respiratory system whilst the Clove boosts Immunity.


🫖 Turmeric Boost Green Tea

Our Master Blender has blended 3 times honoured immunity boosters- Turmeric, Ginger & Nutmeg of Ayurveda in Green Tea.

The antibacterial & antiviral effects of the antioxidant EGCG in green Tea aids in fighting damage causing free radicals whilst the herbs build immunity & improve wellness. Rich in EGCG that assist in fighting damage causing free radicals


Don’t fall for my words, try it out yourself.

August 20, 2022 — SANCHA TEA BOUTIQUE