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Gourmet Teas by Celebrity Master Tea Taster: Sanjay Kapur

40 years after being founded in New Delhi, we continue to honor our roots by ensuring that every pack of tea sold under the Sancha brand is full of aroma & well balanced

Proudly Independent !

We set our own high standards and each batch is carefully selected to please your pallet .

We are a Boutique tea blender with limited editions.

'The brands philosophy is deep entrenched in the passion for excellence' pursued by its founder & Master Tea Taster- Sanjay Kapur.  

The SAN-CHA selections represent teas & blends that are painstakingly selected & curated by professionals from amongst thousands of batches of teas produced in India (the world’s largest producer of black teas).  

Offering over 75 varieties of teas that include the revered Single Estate selections & our Award-Winning blends of Indian varietals micro batch blended with natural spices, herbs & fresh flowers. 

Digging deep into an extensive knowledge base of years of research has helped us understand  soil, climate, terroir & rainfall and this helps strengthen our forte of identifying geographies & estates that produce exotic aromas which fall in the realms of being grassy, woody, floral, spicy & muscatel. 

Established in 1981

Old Delhi

The SAN-CHA Story has been built around a passion for aromas, flavor & a commitment to quality that dates to its founding year- 1981 (the same year the company launched India’s first tea boutique, now a historic landmark & Iconic location)


Selected by a Master Tea Taster

Each batch of tea sold under the Sancha brand goes through an exhaustive process of selection from teas originating from over 500 tea estates and samples running into thousands every week. Carefully assesesed for their liquor, colour, body & aroma, each batch is personally selected & blended by our Master Tea Tastser since 1981

We are India's Oldest Tea Blenders & Retailers

Plantation Bungalow, Circa 1976

Where the Sancha Story was Imagined

March 1981, 6.37am

First Batch of Sancha Tea

Upper Darjeeling, First Flush Spring 1981

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India's First Gourmet Tea Store

1981- Aap Ki Pasand Tea Gallery

The Beginnings of an ICON

Our Master Tea Taster arrives in Darjeeling

Circa 1975

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Our Iconic Tea Boutique

Chanakyapuri, New Delhi