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Gourmet Teas by Celebrity Master Tea Taster: Sanjay Kapur

43 years after being founded in New Delhi, we continue to honour our roots by ensuring that every pack of tea sold under the Sancha brand is full of aroma & well balanced

The brands philosophy is deep entrenched in the passion for excellence pursued by its founder & Master Tea Taster- Sanjay Kapur.  

The SAN-CHA selections represent teas & blends that are painstakingly selected & curated by professionals from amongst thousands of batches of teas produced in India (the world’s largest producer of black teas).  

Offering over 100 varieties of teas that include the revered Single Estate selections, imported teas & our award-winning blends of Indian varietals, micro batch blended with natural spices, herbs & fresh flowers. 

Digging deep into an extensive knowledge base of years of research has helped us understand  soil, climate, terroir & rainfall and this helps strengthen our forte of identifying geographies & estates that produce exotic aromas which fall in the realms of being grassy, woody, floral, spicy & muscatel. 

Our Masters wake up at 4am to start the rolling of leaf in the
factory when temperatures are lower & its cool .

Not only the rolling but we take pains to develop the tea to attain its
maximum aroma during the oxidation process, which is the most critical stage of
manufacturing fine teas . At the correct time of maturity, the master tea makers order
the tea to be dried.

Some teas are dried at a slightly higher temperatures to develop the aroma especially the ‘muscatel’ note whereas some at a lower
temperature to retain the green/vegetal and floral notes.

We source our teas only from Tea Estates that are members of the Indian Tea Association.

Fair wages paid by ITA registered tea estates are as per the laws of India.

ITA tea gardens are also tea board accredited gardens which follow recommended Plant Protection and soil preservation Code
(PPC certified teas only used in our blends )

Established in 1981

Aap Ki Pasand Tea Gallery (Old Delhi)

The SAN-CHA Story has been built around a passion for aromas, flavor & a commitment to quality that dates to its founding year- 1981 (the same year the company launched India’s first tea boutique, now a historic landmark & Iconic location)


Selected by a Master Tea Taster

Each batch of tea sold under the Sancha brand goes through an exhaustive process of selection from teas originating from over 500 tea estates and samples running into thousands every week. Carefully assesesed for their liquor, colour, body & aroma, each batch is personally selected & blended by our Master Tea Tastser since 1981

We are India's Oldest Tea Blenders & Retailers

Circa 1976 Plantation Bungalow

The burra bungalows in Assam & North Bengal were home to the burrasahibs or managers of the tea estates and the chhota bungalows were the homes of the assistant managers and tea tasters

1981- Aap Ki Pasand Tea Gallery

1981 India’s First Tea Gallery Opens Its Doors

Our Historic Tea Gallery opens its doors in the Capital of India- Delhi.

1981 The Print Media Celebrates India’s First Gourmet Tea Store

The Aap Ki Pasand Tea Gallery visited by eminent personalities from the media, television & politics to experience India’s first tea tasting workshop.

The Beginnings of an ICON

The Founder Arrives At Darjeeling

Arriving on the Iconic Steam Train at his training grounds up in the Himalayas (Darjeeling) through the dense Sukhna Forest.

March 1981, 6.37am

First Batch of Sancha Tea

The First Batches of Tea to be offered for sale as SANCHA were plucked during the peak quality month of March 1981 on a cold winters morning at 6am under the watchful eyes of our Master Tea Taster.

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