We at the Sancha Tea Boutique believe that gifting is an art of expressing love to our family, friends & colleagues. Inspired by the vast culture & traditions followed in India, we have put together  healthy & unique gift box collections for your loved ones. 

All our gift boxes have been curated in an aesthetic manner under the watchful eyes of our Master Tea Taster that puts a great deal of focus on quality of packaging that meets world standards & fresh blends of tea for our discerning clients. At Sancha, we believe in building relationships through trust & helping our customers express their gratitude towards their peers, family & associates. 

The SAN-CHA Story has been built around a passion for aromas, flavor & a commitment to quality that dates to its founding year- 1981.

We are India’s oldest and most respected gourmet tea blender & retailer. Digging deep into an extensive knowledge base of 40 years, we have carefully understood the soil, the climate, the terroir & rainfall that aid the harvest of our fine selections. 

Let’s walk through our different range of our gifting collections - 


🫖 Fleur De Le Inde

Celebrating the aromas of divine flowers in this tea gift set of the world’s healthiest green teas. 


🫖 Tales of Tea Collection

Green Tea Gift Set

100% Rainforest Alliance Certified: Sustainably Grown Teas 

Indulge in the passion & purity of herbs, wood, tea & flowers that cleanse you inside in this tea box set. A gorgeous selection of 2 aromatic green teas complimented by a tea infuser.


🫖 Bloom Tea Collection

The Essential Indian Tea Gift Selection

Full Bodied Assam Breakfast Tea, Floral Darjeeling Tea from the Himalayas & Masala Chai from the Spice Coast of India in a High Quality Printed Floral Gift Box 


🫖 Botanist Gift Box

Curated Gift Selection of three of our famous calming & de stressing tea selections blended with lavender, chamomile and rejuvenating mint leaves


🫖 India Tea Collection

A delectable collection of India’s famous teas blended with real spices, herbs & flowers.

Enjoy fresh aromas of India in this curated selection of 6 original teas of India, packed in high quality, biodegradable pyramid tea bags.

Artisan tea blend by India’s celebrated Master Tea Taster: Sanjay Kapur since 1981.

In this collection, find a delightful cuppa for every day of the month !


🫖 Grand Indulgence Collection

Rich, complex and diverse flavours spectrums straight from our blending room in this tea hamper gift set.

Sancha's Grand Indulgence Collection is a curation of the finest blue mountain nilgiri white tea, royal saffron masala  chai & limited edition black teas, namely the assam single malt tea & Himalayan Darjeeling tea, accompanied by a handcrafted tea infuser.

Selected by our master tea taster, enjoy the resolute spirit & penchant for fresh aromas in this selection that has kept Sancha at the forefront of gourmet teas for over 3 decades.


🫖 Nectar Collection

Celebrating aromas of divine flowers in this selection of artisanal green teas & pure raw honey.

Truly ambrosial and delicious, these blends of chamomile green tea & lavender green tea will remind you of sweet nectar as you sip on them and reminisce of the happiest times.

The intoxication of pure lavender & healthy green tea along with chamomile & healthy green tea will convey to your emotions that life is to celebrate.
Packed in our signature gourmet tea tin caddies and a packed in a gorgeous printed gift box

Included in the box is a handcrafted wooden honey dipper this the perfect accompaniment to our nectars honey.

🫖 Ananda Tea Collection

Celebrating our best selling & aromatic black teas in this gift set. Depicting a beautiful award winning Pitchwai painting.

In the collection, find our famous Roasted Darjeeling Tea named the Fine Darjeeling & the fresh aromatic Original Masala Chai.


Enjoy unique grassy, woody, floral, spicy & muscatel notes in our selections & bring happiness on the faces of your loved ones.

August 24, 2022 — Divya kashyap