New spot In Jaipur for Tea lovers- 

Jaipur, Rajasthan, ‘known as the Pink city of India is famous for it’s unique culture & its UNESCO world heritage architecture & monuments. It is also famous for its colourful traditions and culture that can be found through the majestic state of  Rajasthan. 

The princely state of Jaipur has been tourist attraction for decades owing of its rich Cuisine, cultures, Forts, Bazaars, Palaces & Temples. 

If you are a tea lover, then Sancha Tea Boutique is the place to visit for all tourists, the experience of tasting over 75 varieties of freshly harvested teas & engaging with trained tea sommeliers is a memorable one.  Well known for 4 decades since 1981, Sancha Teas in Jaipur store is located at MI Road, Jaipur, near Amrapali & Anokhi, the famous jewellery & textile brands. 

Experience the flavour of the best masala tea in India by master tea blenders. Masala Cha- Indian spiced tea with fresh aromatic spices from the famous Malabar Coast of India. Discover the aroma of real spices in our chai tea blends that have been curated with ground spices using our secret ‘C-Grind’ process.

 Enjoy freshness in tea made from fresh tea leaves that can be attributed to our obsession with sourcing spices direct from quality growers on a weekly basis to produce our small batch blends.

Immerse yourself in the best tea tasting experience in India at the Sancha Tea Boutiques that offer over 90 varieties of teas selected by celebrity master tea taster- Sanjay Kapur. From the fruity Nilgiri Tea selections from the South of India to the Earthy Kangra Teas from up north, Sancha offers a wide spectrum of aromas that earns them the title of the best tea shop in India.

All our boutiques, offer a wide selection of tea flavours that include aromatic masala teablack teashealthy green teasimmunity boosting white teascaffeine free herbal teas, best chai teas in India & a selection of curated teawares and tea brewing equipment.

An added incentive to visit our boutiques is that you will have the opportunity to sample the famous Presidents Tea of Darjeeling that has been gifted by none other than the Prime Minister of India on his State Visits to Heads of State of other Nations. In our Presidents Tea line of teas, you can experience the  famous First Flush Darjeeling Tea, Muscatel Darjeeling Tea from the Second Flush and the Floral Autumn Darjeeling Teas. 

Visit us & experience complimentary tea tasting of our gourmet tea collections  and choose the right teas that suit your palate.  Right next door, you can visit some other famous attractions like the bada bazaar, hawa mahal, city palace & paanch batti. 

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August 03, 2022 — SANCHA TEA BOUTIQUE