Sundara Collection: Tea Gift Box (Pack of 3)

₹1,250.00 INR

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Complimentary carry bag + Satin Ribbon Bow & 2 Free Samples + 2 Free Tea Coasters


Curated Gift Tea Selection of three of our famous selections which include the aromatic dark roast Darjeeling from the Himalayas, a malty and spicy chai blended with real spices from the Malabar coast of southern India and a invigorating Ashwagandha Ginseng Tea. Packed for your convenience in luxurious pyramid tea bags (25 each).

 Inside this selection find the following teas:

Dark Roast Darjeeling Tea :

25 Pyramid Tea Bags

The word tea needs no introduction, however, this Darjeeling tea selection is no ordinary tea.

This select Darjeeling tea has a fresh, natural floral nose and a seductive, yet restrained toasted caramel character. 

A tea specially commissioned by our Master Tea Taster is known an ‘Summer Tips', a special Roasted Darjeeling selection. 

Fresh Orange Pekoe Darjeeling Tea, Whole Leaf Darjeeling Tea by India's famous master tea taster. 

Masala Chai :

25 Pyramid Tea Bags

Remarkably spicy & fruity black tea 

Fresh black tea from select estates of India blended with the choicest spices from the Malabar coast to create our famous masala chai black tea.

This legendary Indian masala tea bag from SANCHA has long captivated travellers across the world owing to its lively, and refreshing blend of black tea and mild aromatic fresh spices Ginger, Cinnamon & Cardamom.

 Our masala chai tea is well balanced & pleasing to the palate, a blend by India's celebrated Master Tea Taster, Sanjay Kapur. The finest black tea masala made with real spices, no artificial flavours used.

100% biodegradable pyramid masala chai tea bags & whole leaf tea options curated for the Sancha tea boutique by India’s celebrated blenders.

Indian Ginseng Tea :

25 Pyramid Tea Bags

Ashwagandha tea bags inspired by ancient Indian medicine and Ayurveda. Our Master describes this ginseng tea as a blend of ‘Desire’

This Indian tea blend is made with Ashwagandha, the wonder herb of India known for its power to de-stress & energise. Ashwagandha is known to give energy, whilst the theanine rich tea builds your mood

Warm aroma notes of nutmeg & ginger from the malabar coast of India are considered to be aphrodisiacs whilst the tulsi (holy basil) leaves assist in improving circulation as per ancient Indian medicine in these ginseng tea bags.

Core Features

• Finest Indian Tea Gift Box.

• 3 Famous Tea Selections: Dark Roast Darjeeling Tea, Ashwagandha Ginseng Tea & Masala Chai.

• Blended by a Master Tea Blender

• Complimentary Gift Carry Bag + Golden Ribbon with Bow: Each box is accompanied by our high quality gift carry bag that adds to the occasion of gifting to your colleagues & loved ones.

• Beautiful Gift Box- High Quality Print

• A Gift for all Occasions: Our gift sets makes the perfect gift for tea aficionados, be it a wedding favour, a birthday, an anniversary or a corporate event.

• India’s Oldest Tea Blenders & Retailers Since 1981


1. Black Tea
2. Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger & Cardamom
3. Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Turmeric, Safed Musli, Nutmeg, Triphala & Ginger

Healthy Benefits

1. Rich in Theanine, Invigorates and improves concentration
2.Helps build Immunity, Keeps the Heart Healthy and Aids in Digestion
3. Helps reduce stress & energises

Master Tea Tasters Notes

1. Deep caramel & chocolate notes with hints of floral

2. Intensely Spicy with notes of Fruit, a beautiful marriage of a malty tea with fresh spice notes of cinnamon, cardamom & ginger

3.Herbaceous & Sweet Vegetal Notes

Time to Enjoy this Brew

1. Afternoon post meals
2. Morning Kickstarter and Evening Rejuvenator
3.Afternoons when you feel the need to re-energise

Certified & Trusted

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Why choose our selections

Freshly Harvested & Blended in Small Batches since 1981

Our Green Teas are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified & Sustainably grown

We source all our herbs and spices fresh from small farmers and growers

Each Selection sold under our brand is carefully assessed in our iconic tea tasting room and selected from over 1000 batches

Our blends are made in small batches every day of the week using non commercial equipment to ensure minimal cell rupture & escape of volatile aromatic compounds

We use the highest quality, biodegradable materials to make our teas bags which dont leak micro plastics in your cuppa !

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