Rose Buds Herbal Tea

Rose Flowers, from centuries have been known to be medicinal herbs, that soothe skin irritation. Rose flowers contains antioxidants, aid in improving mood, healing of wound & cuts, lightening of scars and burns and soothing sore throat.

Taking inspiration from the natural powers of this aromatic flower, our master tea taster has blended the finest and freshest rose buds to curate a brew that is rich in Vitamin C and aids in making the skin radiate.

This blend is made from dried rose buds, plucked when they are young and sun-dried to create this rose bud tea. Pure herbal tea that is 100% caffeine free.
This aromatic rose buds exude a rich sweet floral aroma in this rose bud herbal tea which is divine.

Rose buds tea are packed with natural goodness that prevent ageing & help keep the skin radiant, this herbal tisane is your daily inner cleanse that keeps you glowing on the outside.
Sit back and enjoy the buds unfurl in hot water into a relaxing floral bouquet with a clean palate.

According to our master tea taster, the perfect time to enjoy this brew is in the evening when you are totally relaxed.