Recently, studies have shown that drinking tea has a lot of health benefits that date back to ancient times and when blended with herbs and flowers, they not only heal but also taste great. 

Our Master tea taster - Sanjay Kapur, has tasted thousands of cups of tea and has curated a healthy selection of 75 varieties which have healing properties to soothe your state of mind. 

Lets talk about the teas which are best for your every kind of mood- 


  1. Teas when you feel ‘Tense 

Our Master Blender has formulated a blend with stress relieving aromatic flowers & herbs to promote relaxation and tranquillity.

Seeking inspiration from aromatherapy & Ayurveda, our blenders bring together flowers & herbs in this herbal tea which soothe the body and mind along with relaxes the muscles and de-stress.

Some good options you can try for are mentioned below – 

🫖 Chamomile Herbal Tea 

🫖 Stress relief tea 

🫖 Ayurvedic ginseng tea

🫖 Happy Mind Tea 

🫖 Mint Oolong tea 


2- Teas when you feel ‘Sleepy

A beautiful symphony of spice & flowers that will soothe & relax the body as you decide to call it day. Another masterpiece by the Sancha Tea Boutique.

The chamomile tea with lavender & vanilla fuse together to provide a velvety mouthfeel and a soothing aroma. The lavender is believed to reduce stress, the vanilla aids in relaxing the muscles whilst the chamomile promises a restful nights sleep.

Enjoy good sleep tea that is a 100% herbal tea by San-cha.


Some good options to try for- 

🫖 Sleeping Beauty Tea 

🫖 Chamomile Green tea 

🫖 Bed Time tea 

🫖 Chamomile & lemongrass herbal tea 

🫖 Chamomile Herbal Tea 


3- Teas when you feel ‘PMSing’ - 

Make your hormones balanced by our all natural herbal tea which helps to boost your energy and energises your mood. 

A hot cup of some Herbal teas is said to have sedative and analgesic properties, that helps one relax and calm down. 

A pleasant & refreshing caffeine free tisane made with real chamomile flowers and curated by the Craft Blenders at Sancha.


Some good options to try for- 

🫖 Chamomile Herbal Tea

🫖 Sleeping Beauty Herbal tea

🫖 Stress Relief Tea

🫖 Jasmine White Tea 

🫖 Wild Rose Green Tea 


4- Teas when you feel ‘Sad’

Fresh, Sweet, Citrusy notes in our Earl Grey Tea

Enjoy a deliciously aromatic blend of a citrus fruit 'Bergamot', and India's best earl grey green tea. Richest in 'Theanine', Indian green teas promote alpha brain waves & put you in a relaxed, yet alert state of mind without causing drowsiness.

The freshest earl grey tea in India is blended in micro-batches to ensure a high intensity of the green tea citrus aroma is maintained. The best earl grey blended with the best green tea in India. 


Some good options to try for- 

🫖 Earl Grey green Tea 

🫖 English breakfast black Tea 

🫖 Happy mind tea 

🫖 Londoners Earl Grey

🫖 French Earl Grey 


5- Teas when you feel ‘Bloated’

Our Master Blender has formulated a digestive herbal tea for digestion with stomach easing digestive spices and herbs.

Seeking inspiration from Ayurveda, our master benders selected 6 herbs and spices to curate this tea for digestion & bloating.

The fennel, cardamom & ginger in our herbal tea bags are said to have a carminative effect whilst the peppermint, eucalyptus & liquorice help in cooling & comforting the tummy. They further enhance this tea for bloating with pure chamomile flowers to ease indigestion.

Made with pure herbs for digestion & bloating control, inspired by Ayurveda.


Some good options to try out- 

🫖 Happy Tummy Tea 

🫖 Detox green Tea 

🫖 Cinnamon Green tea 

🫖 Ginger Green Tea 

🫖 Cardamom Masala chai 


6- Teas when you feel ‘Anxious’

The relaxing white tea with a bewitching aroma!

Lavender & mint are classical refresher's that have been blended in antioxidant rich silver needle white tea by Sancha.

The lavender in this silver needle tea relaxes you whilst the mint rejuvenates. 
The light & refreshing fragrance of pure white tea buds is rare and have been discovered by our master tea tasters in select tea bushes. 

The vegetal flavour of nature has been preserved carefully in this prized pure white tea for a true connoisseur.

The finest lavender white tea with natural white tea benefits available as white tea leaves and white tea bags.


Some good options to try out- 

🫖 Lavender White tea 

🫖 Vanilla masala chai 

🫖 Lemongrass white tea 

🫖 Milk Oolong tea 

🫖 Nectar collection :Tea gift box 


7- Teas when you feel ‘Hungover’

Famous Smoked Tea from China ! 

The Master Taster describes the nose in this unique souchong tea of the Fujian province in China as intensely ‘Smoky’ and concentrated.

The big powerful nose is redolent of the famous Islay single malts.
Enjoy a well balanced lapsang souchong black tea that is crisp and refreshing. A pine wood fire imparts a smokiness in this Chinese black tea that is pleasurable with sweet undertones.  

Some good options to try out- 

🫖 Lapsang Souchong

🫖 Turmeric Masala Chai 

🫖 Mint Oolong Tea 

🫖 Moroccan Mint white tea. 


Stay connected for our upcoming blogs on more mood specific teas selected by our Master Tea Taster - Sanjay Kapur.