Selecting the perfect morning cuppa can be a difficult choice to make for the ones who are passionate about their teas. For many of us, the day starts with a steaming cup of tea that will dictate the day that proceeds, if the tea is not full – bodied & caffeine rich then it is likely that we will feel sleepy and low on energy throughout the day.


Sancha’s Master tea taster - Sanjay Kapur, has curated some of the finest full-bodied teas that will make us feel energetic and are a perfect kick starter for the mornings.


Let’s explore few options of the morning teas that will be most suited to your palate and are the perfect way of making us feel more energised in the mornings-


- English breakfast tea blend

Sancha Tea’s english breakfast tea blend is a traditional blend of assam black teas originating from the finest tea estates in Assam.

An integral part of the British tea culture, the black tea is characterised by a fuller body and gutty liquor that is complimented by woody and malty notes.

The English breakfast black tea is best enjoyed with milk & sugar accompanying a hearty English breakfast.


- Original Masala Chai

This legendary Indian masala tea bag from SANCHA has long captivated travellers across the world owing to its lively, and refreshing blend of black tea and mild aromatic fresh spices Ginger, Cinnamon & Cardamom.

 Our masala chai tea is well balanced & pleasing to the palate, a blend by India's celebrated Master Tea Taster, Sanjay Kapur. The finest black tea masala made with real spices, no artificial flavours used.

Enjoy a selection of staple less filter paper tea bags, 100% biodegradable pyramid masala chai tea bags & whole leaf tea options curated for the Sancha tea boutique by India’s celebrated blenders.


- Nilgiri Milk Tea


Finest Nilgiri Black Tea from Southern India

Nilgiri tea leaves with light floral aromatic edge & fresh citrus aroma. Finest loose leaf black tea.

‘Nilgiri’ or Blue mountains gets their name from the bluish flowers of the ‘Kurinji’ shrubs. The Nilgiri Mountains at their highest point touch over 8500 feet. Best tea of Nilgiri is characterized by a small leaf appearance & a pronounced lemony & fruity flavour, this unique selection resembles some teas of the UVA tea district of Sri Lanka.


- Rare Darjeeling Tea Autumn Season

This autumn season sancha Darjeeling tea has a flowery aroma which is distinct to the nose and its deep golden colour fills your heart with joy. It has a flowery aroma with a spicy edge.

Enjoy this premier cru selection of Darjeeling autumn flush tea selected by our celebrated master tea taster after a careful tasting of over 200 batches of black tea leaves.

Sancha Tea Boutique: best tea shop for fresh Darjeeling tea in India.


- Grand Cru - Royal Saffron Masala Chai

Prized saffron threads are now blended in Sancha Teas famous in Sancha Tea Masala Chai.

The select Himalayan saffron is finely powdered and blended with cinnamon, ginger & cardamom in a base of full bodied Indian black tea to curate this masala tea.

A kesar masala chai blended with an intense aromatic concentration to create the best masala chai.

A tea befitting the title of royal chai masala tea or as it christened the Grand Cru Royal Saffron Masala Chai.


We know all have different choices to make but the above mentioned teas are super great, you can taste them at our tea boutiques where we offer free complimentary tasting of teas and then decide yourself which is the best suitable for your palate.

November 25, 2022 — Divya kashyap