Sipping teas in winter is a ritual followed by many, it is the elixir that keeps us warm in winters and provides us with natural immunity that prevents illnesses  
Yes, you read it right! Sipping on tea in winter’s not only promotes the wellness of a human beings but also helps in preventing winter borne illnesses. 
Let me guide you through a range of teas & the benefits do they provide us. 
Fights inflammation- 
Also known as ‘Turmeric Detoxify Tea’ Our master tea blenders worked with practitioners of ancient Indian medicine & Ayurveda to create this delicious masala chai with the precious spice 'Turmeric'.
 The turmeric in this masala tea delivers anti-inflammatory properties that help you fight aches & muscular stress. Embrace turmeric tea benefits as this turmeric tea is loaded with antioxidants of turmeric, tea & tea masala powder, all 3 considered to be in the league of super-foods.
The softer notes of nutmeg compliment the piquant gingery aroma of turmeric in this special turmeric detox tea, whilst the black tea gives the blend a malty edge.
Rich in antioxidants- 
Our Master Tea Blenders have created an exquisite mélange of spices with a full bodied black tea.
Embrace your well being with this blend which is loaded with antioxidants of black tea and Ayurvedic spices.
The mint & ginger in this blend of premium masala chai act as natural digestives, and the cardamom is a mood elevator. The Lemongrass is a natural antiseptic.
 The tea we have selected is richer in ‘Theanine’ which is known to calm the mind.
Improve digestion- 
A Tea Blend Loved in India !
Fresh black tea from select tea estates blended with sweet & spicy: Indian ginger.
Popularly known as Tapri Chai (hawker tea) and Cutting Chai (half cup chai), this brew is served hot on the streets & alleys across India. Characterised by sweet and spicy notes in a full bodied tea, this is quintessentially India in a cup ! 
Blended in a premium Assam black tea by the Master Tea Blenders in Micro Batches since 1981.
Aids blood circulation- 
100% Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bag Made in Corn Starch- No Microplastics
Grown in the sub-tropical climate of North-Central India, this caffeine free tea is made with Hibiscus flowers & is rich in antioxidants. Hibiscus tea is known for its sweet & tart flavour.
Enjoy hibiscus flower tea because it’s a  healthy brew for anytime of the day.
Considered a SUPER-FLOWER: Hibiscus is known to aid in lowering the chances of a heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.
Hibiscus tea bags are a pure herbal tea and they contain no caffeine and can be enjoyed post dinner time.
It helps fight the cold- 
The Master tea blenders at SANCHA bring to you, a famous green tea blend from the beautiful valley of Kashmir, India.
This sweet & spicy beverage known as saffron Kashmiri kahwa was curated with a heart of 'Saffron' to be served to warm up the soul in the cold 'Himalayan' winters, and the saffron kawa is traditionally served in shallow cups after being prepared in big brass kettles.
 The intoxication of pure Kashmir Saffron flavour in this Kashmiri saffron kahwa tea gets a depth with sweet cinnamon, cardamom and bitter almonds- giving it a perfectly balanced 'persona'. 
Add warmth to your body and soul with our pure Kashmiri kesar kahwa tea and enjoy the cleansing benefits of antioxidant rich green tea with saffron.
Certification: 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Sustainable Tea
Improve your mood- 
Ashwagandha tea bags inspired by ancient Indian medicine and Ayurveda. Our Master describes this ginseng tea as a blend of ‘Desire’
This Indian tea blend is made with Ashwagandha, the wonder herb of India known for its power to de-stress & energise. Ashwagandha is known to give energy, whilst the theanine rich tea builds your mood
Warm aroma notes of nutmeg & mustard from the coast of India are considered to be aphrodisiacs whilst the tulsi (holy basil) leaves assist in improving circulation as per ancient Indian medicine in these ginseng tea bags.
Conquer stress & slip into a world of passions with the finest ginseng tea bags !
Keeping the above in mind, keep yourself warm, be energetic, keep yourself detoxified and assist your loves ones who may be facing issues with digestion. 
Happy tea times!
January 21, 2023 — Divya kashyap