India Chai Collection (Pack of 4)- Tea Gift Box




Artisanal blends of Masala Spiced Chai with intense aromatic concentration by Master Tea Blenders !

Small Batch blended since 1981 with the Freshest Spices from the Malbar Coast of Southern India. 

This award winning best seller collection contains: 

Original Masala Chai

'Remarkably Spicy & Fruity'

Fresh black tea from select estates of India blended with the choicest spices from the Malabar coast. This legendary beverage from SAN-CHA has long captivated travelers across the world owing to its lively, and refreshing blend of black tea and mild aromatic fresh spices;Ginger, Cinnamon & Cardamom.

Cardamom Masala Chai

Cardamom is India's National Spice and is recommended as a digestive and a mouth cleanser in Ancient Ayurveda.

We celebrate this exquisite spice in a blend which has strength and a fuller body.

Our master blenders has made a rich soulful blend, charmed by warm notes of select Malabar Hills Cardamom.

Royal Saffron Masala Chai


Immunity Masala Chai Tea

Prized Saffron threads are now blended in Sancha Teas famous in Sancha Teas famous Masala Chai.

The select Himalayan Saffron is finely powdered and blended with cinnamon, ginger & cardamom in a base of full bodied Indian black tea.

All ingredients selected by the Master Tea Taster of Sancha. The Saffron adds an outstanding rich warm and 'sweet metallic' note to the masala chai and compliments the dry creaminess of spices.

A royal saffron masala chai blended with an Intense aromatic concentration.

Yoga Masala Chai 

Helps In Weight Loss & Boosts Metabolism Naturally

The Holy Basil, also known as 'Tulsi' from India originated thousands of years ago. It is often referred to as the herb of good luck & prosperity.

The Master Blenders at SAN-CHA Tea bring to you a new aroma in a pleasantly refreshing blend of healthy Green tea, fresh Tulsi, Cinnamon & Ginger.

The sharp & pleasant 'Tulsi' note is carefully rounded off with sweet cinnamon & sweet ginger in this tea blend of intense aromatic concentration.

Slip this tea and relax your mind with the enchanting aroma of 'Tulsi', a favorite with the practitioners of Yoga.

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Why choose our selections

Freshly Harvested & Blended in Small Batches since 1981

Our Green Teas are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified & Sustainably grown

We source all our herbs and spices fresh from small farmers and growers

Each Selection sold under our brand is carefully assessed in our iconic tea tasting room and selected from over 1000 batches

Our blends are made in small batches every day of the week using non commercial equipment to ensure minimal cell rupture & escape of volatile aromatic compounds

We use the highest quality, biodegradable materials to make our teas bags which dont leak micro plastics in your cuppa !

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