Darjeeling Tea can taste even more magical when sipped in its country of origin: India.
Whether your thing is a full bodied Assam Tea or a medium bodied Darjeeling tea, the best tea in India can be discovered at Sancha Tea Boutique. Managed by Celebrated Master Tea Taster and founder of the best tea company in India- Aap Ki Pasand.

Immerse yourself in the best tea tasting experience in India at the Sancha Tea Boutiques that offer over 90 varieties of teas selected by celebrity master tea taster- Sanjay Kapur. From the fruity Nilgiri Tea selections from the South of India to the Earthy Kangra Teas from up north, Sancha offers a wide spectrum of aromas that earns them the title of the best tea shop in India.

All their boutiques, they offer a wide selection of tea flavours that include aromatic black teas, healthy green teas, immunity boosting white teas, caffeine free herbal teas, best chai in India & a selection of curated teawares and tea brewing equipment.

An added bonus at their boutiques is that you will have the opportunity to sample the famous Presidents Tea of Darjeeling that has been gifted by none other than the Prime Minister of India on his State Visits to Heads of State of other Nations. In their Presidents Tea line of teas, you will find the famous First Flush Darjeeling Tea, Muscatel Darjeeling Tea from the Second Flush and the Floral Autumn Darjeeling Teas.

The sommeliers are lively and will answer all your questions and take you through a generous tasting flight of their selections which without a doubt are the best tea flavours in India.

A lovely courtyard and garden at their Chanakyapuri store in Delhi is speckled with blooms in Autumn and are a great spot to chill & sip on the best tea in the world. Don’t forget to savour the best chai in India blended with fresh aromatic spices from the Malabar coast of southern India, yes the same coastline that was the epicentre of the famous spice route in medieval times.

If you’re looking for tea varieties for your own personal consumption of if you’re looking for the perfect gifting option, this is a one stop shop for you. Tea Gifts are well appreciated, well accepted and gender neutral. Not only can you gift teas to your family, you can gift them to your work colleagues, bosses or clients. Sancha offers some gorgeous packaging options which include traditional Indian brocade fabric bag packs as well as Victorian tin caddies (inspired by India’s colonial past and also the origins of tea plantations in India).

Where to find their famous tea shops or should I call them tea boutiques !
You can find their 11 outlets in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, Gurugram & Jaipur and here are the addresses with their google map coordinates- 

1- Sancha Tea Boutique, Chanakyapuri (Delhi)- https://goo.gl/maps/n44JwxKyhjjttuEp6

2- Sancha Tea Boutique, DLF Cross Point (Gurugram) -https://goo.gl/maps/HX13Ld6jXeEzJjsp6

3- Sancha Tea Boutique, Select Citywalk Mall (New Delhi) - https://goo.gl/maps/nvNkhdVVAiA6mnW68

4- Sancha Tea Boutique, Bandra West (Mumbai)- https://goo.gl/maps/FDdS4oHwWAvvkLdG7

5- Sancha Tea Boutique, Kala Ghoda (Mumbai)- https://goo.gl/maps/PoyjcSKSuT7Xa7fD7

6- Sancha Tea Boutique, Lavelle Road (Bangalore) - https://goo.gl/maps/SfrtJbim4doxnpxr8

7- Sancha Tea Boutique, Phoenix Marketcity Mall (Bangalore)- https://goo.gl/maps/AQuG2DoQVj9H1Y6q8

8- Sancha Tea Boutique, Phoenix Marketcity Mall (Chennai) -  https://goo.gl/maps/x43gpP1QkjusKasGA

9- Sancha Tea Boutique, MI Road (Jaipur)-  https://goo.gl/maps/3pRFX7W1XwtuNpFR9

10- Sancha Tea Boutique, Taj Mahal (Agra) - https://goo.gl/maps/a9LDW9imkRi1FX8Z9

11- Aap Ki Pasand Tea Gallery Daryaganj (Delhi) - https://goo.gl/maps/bNae6B9GpuoZTWZr8

12- Sancha Tea Boutique, Express Avenue Mall (Chennai)- https://goo.gl/maps/agYQBhTG2sgBEsdf7