Tea is known to be the healthiest beverage in the world for time immemorial !
Monsoon season is notoriously known for air borne & surface borne viruses and bacterias and people are generally very carefree towards their own well being. With herbal teas one can gain a lot of health benefits. Fresh herbs in tisanes (herbal teas) can aid in building immunity & also aid in quicker recovery.

Herbal tea aids the following-

🫖 Aids in Sleeping - Sleeping beauty Herbal Tea

A beautiful symphony of spice & flowers that will soothe & relax the body as you decide to call it day. Another masterpiece by the Sancha Tea Boutique.
The chamomile tea with lavender & vanilla fuse together to provide a velvety mouthfeel and a soothing aroma. The lavender is believed to reduce stress, the vanilla aids in relaxing the muscles whilst the chamomile promises a restful nights sleep.
Enjoy this good sleep tea that is a 100% herbal tea by San cha.

🫖 Anti ageing - Happy skin Tea

Our Master blender has curated a blend to nourish the skin naturally.
This blend brings together time honoured ingredients of Ancient Ayurveda.
A special varietal of Rose in this blend is aromatic and reduces inflammation. The Amla in this blend is rich in Vitamin C and is said to delay ageing through collagen production & the saffron make the skin glow.
The Manjistha, Daru Haldi (Tree Turmeric) are anti inflammatory and the Gotu Kola is said to slow down ageing.
Glow Tea: Natural skin therapy tea

🫖 Detoxification - Glowing Beauty Herbal Tea

Our Master Blender has formulated a herbal tea for glowing skin with skin friendly flowers and herbs for a glowing skin & complexion. 
Inspired by Ayurveda & its teachings, our master blenders along with herbalists curated this gorgeous tea for skin glow keeping in mind the anti ageing benefits for the skin of hibiscus & rose flowers.
They further added eucalyptus to the this herbal tea for glowing skin so that it helps clear the bronchial tract and promote better oxygen flow in the blood.
Enjoy this unique herbal detox tea as it has a lovely floral & balanced tart bouquet that is pleasing.

🫖 Aids In Digestion - Happy Tummy Herbal Tea

Our Master Blender has formulated a digestive herbal tea for digestion with stomach easing digestive spices and herbs.
Seeking inspiration from Ayurveda, our master benders selected 6 herbs and spices to curate this tea for digestion & bloating.
The fennel, cardamom & ginger in our herbal tea bags are said to have a carminative effect whilst the peppermint, eucalyptus & liquorice help in cooling & comforting the tummy. They further enhance this tea for bloating with pure chamomile flowers to ease indigestion.
Made with pure herbs for digestion & bloating control, inspired by Ayurveda.

🫖 Reduce Inflammation - Peppermint Herbal Tea

Enjoy a refreshing aroma and a cool sensation inside your body when you sip on SANCHA tea's peppermint herbal tea made with real mint leaves.
The mint acts as a relaxant and helps you reduce stress. Known for its cool minty aroma derived from menthol, our peppermint herbal tea is a great digestive and may even aid in preventing gas & bloating.

🫖 Immune Boost - Immunity Booster Herbal Tea

A pleasant & refreshing caffeine free herbal tea made with real spices curated by the craft blenders at SANCHA.
Our master tea blenders worked with practitioners of ancient Indian medicine & Ayurveda to create this delicious immunity boost tea with the precious spice 'Turmeric'.
The turmeric in this immunity tea delivers anti-inflammatory properties that help you fight aches & muscular stress.
Embrace your well being as this herbal tea for immunity is loaded with antioxidants of turmeric and tea, both considered to be in the league of super-foods.
The softer notes of nutmeg compliment the piquant gingery aroma of turmeric in this immune boosting herbal tea.

🫖 Anti Nausea - Happy Breathing Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

Our Master Blender has carefully balanced a blend of time honoured Ayurvedic nasal decongestants. 
The Anti-inflammatory and sinus relief properties of eucalyptus are strengthened by the bael fruit which eases breathing.
The long pepper provides relief to people suffering from asthma & colds.

🫖 Stress Relief- Stress Relief Caffeine free Herbal Tea

Our Master Blender has formulated a blend with stress relieving aromatic flowers & herbs to promote relaxation and tranquillity.
Seeking inspiration from aromatherapy & Ayurveda, our blenders bring together chamomile & lavender flowers in this herbal tea to soothe the body and mind along with peppermint leaves to relax the muscles and de stress.

🫖 Helps Control Blood pressure - Hibiscus Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

Grown in the sub-tropical climate of North-Central India, this caffeine free tea is made with Hibiscus flowers & is rich in antioxidants. Hibiscus tea is known for its sweet & tart flavour.
Enjoy hibiscus flower tea because it’s a healthy brew for anytime of the day.
Considered a SUPER-FLOWER: Hibiscus is known to aid in lowering the chances of a heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.
Hibiscus tea bags are a pure herbal tea and they contain no caffeine and can be enjoyed post dinner time.

🫖 Anti Bacteria - Inner Cleanse Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

100% Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bag Made in Corn Starch- No Microplastics
Holy Basil or Tulsi in Hindu folk-lore is revered and worshipped for its health benefits
Tulsi is traditionally grown in courtyards of every home and used in Ayurvedic home remedies.
Trivia: In Hindu folklore, it is said that one who takes care of a Tulsi plant, gains Moksha or Nirvana
Packaging designed for freshness: Teas packed in Double Lid Tin Caddies that protect the teas from moisture, heat and odours and keep the teas fresher and aromatic for longer.

Why Choose Us -
- We source all our herbs and spices fresh from small farmers and growers
- Each Selection sold under our brand is carefully assessed in our iconic tea tasting room and selected from over 1000 batches
- Our blends are made in small batches every day of the week using non commercial equipment to ensure minimal cell rupture & escape of volatile aromatic compounds
- Our Green Teas are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified & Sustainably grown
- We use the highest quality, biodegradable materials to make our teas bags that don't leak micro plastics in your cuppa!

Now that you know how to keep yourself Health Monsoon ready. Stay healthy and take care of your loved ones with Sancha Teas 100% herbal tea made with organically harvested ingredients.