Experience all natural range of Iced teas made with real ingredients that are easy to brew. Sancha’s fresh Iced teas that are amazingly refreshing, healthy and rejuvenating. Let’s see the bestsellers of all times, the best time to drink the ice tea with the health benefits mentioned along. 


Fresh Herbal Iced Tea (Caffeine Free Iced Tea)

Drink this exquisite herbal tea blend on the rocks and refresh yourself..,A pleasant & refreshing caffeine free tisane made with real botanicas curated by the craft blenders at Sancha. A rich soulful scent that acts as a relaxant and charms you to a state of calmness with warm florals. Indulge in the passion and purity of herbs, wood & flowers that are caffeine free in this blend.

Ingredients- Chamomile Flowers & Lemongrass

Healthy Benefits- Natural Calming Iced Tea

Master Tea Tasters Notes- Warm Floral Notes beautifully balanced by subtle citrus

Time to Enjoy this Brew- Hot Summer Days or as a mixer


Thandai Summer Iced Tea - 

Seeking inspiration from the age old Indian festive refresher ‘Thandai’, our master blenders bring to you a unique blend of saffron, rose, cardamom, fennel & black pepper to recreate this classic refresher as a herbal iced tea. The time honoured digestive flowers and spices come together in this caffeine free herbal tea blend that is cooling and refreshing at the same time.

Select varietals of herbs, spices and flowers used in this blend are rich in natural oils that calm the stomach and gut.

Ingredients- Saffron, Rose, Cardamom, Fennel & Black Pepper

Healthy Benefits- Digestive & Refreshing

Master Tea Tasters Notes- Warm Floral Notes beautifully balanced by subtle citrus, Rich in natural oils, sweet floral & spice notes

Time to Enjoy this Brew- Hot Sunny Afternoon or Along with Lunch


Goan Iced Tea -

Black tea iced tea

Clouds formed around the Indian ocean, commence their journey to the tea growing Nilgiri mountains in southern India. On their way, they drench the sunny beaches of Goa and the magnificent Kerala Coast before arriving quickly at the Nilgiri blue mountains hinterland to shower nature's bounty. This iced tea of Nilgiri is breezy in its taste and earthy in its character. The Master blenders have added a zingy citrusy bergamot to a floral note found naturally in the lemon ice tea powder to make a blend that is a perfect refresher for a sunny day. 

Enjoy intense citrus & floral notes more pleasing than a regular iced lemon tea in this selection by our master tea tasters.

Ingredients- Black Tea & Natural Bergamot Flavour

Healthy Benefits- Relieves stress with its delightful aroma & refreshes

Master Tea Tasters Notes- Zingy, Citrusy Bergamot intermingling with Soft Floral notes

Time to Enjoy this Brew- The Afternoon Indulgence


Blue Mountain Iced Tea- 

Black iced tea

Naturally citrusy, ideal for a Lemon iced tea. Deliciously refreshing, all natural iced tea made with real tea leaves from the blue mountains of southern India. Loaded in Antioxidants, this Iced tea is designed to cool you down and refresh ! Easy to brew, real tea leaves that deliver the finest Iced tea.

Simply follow the easy brewing guide on the pack and enjoy the best lemon iced tea.

Ingredients- Black Tea

Healthy Benefits- Cools you down & refreshes

Master Tea Tasters NotesNaturally Citrusy with hints of Vegetal


Time to Enjoy this Brew- The Afternoon Indulgence


Now comes how to enjoy the perfectly brewed Ice Tea’s, here is how it can be made- 

Step -1  For Single Serve - Place 1 Tea Bag inside an empty glass

For Pitcher- Place 4 Tea Bag inside an empty pitcher

Step 2 -  Now simply pour hot water at around 100°

Single Serve - (Brewing Time- 3 Minutes)

Pitcher - (Brewing Time- 10 Minutes)

Step 3 -  Add Sugar Syrup/Sugar To taste & Refrigerate Overnight

Step 4-  Serve Chilled on ice

If you like it then do let us know about how it tasted and also let us know which is your favourite flavour.

April 18, 2022 — AAP KI PASAND